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MDA Legacy Society

The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was established to recognize donors who support MDA through legacy gifts, including bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts and other types of gifts.

Making a life income gift or a bequest is a way for donors to plan for MDA's future along with their own. We look forward to welcoming new members to the Legacy Society. Membership benefits include:

  • Knowledge that your generous gift will provide critical funding for scientific research and patient services for the next generation.
  • Bi-annual updates on MDA and our programs.
  • Regular research updates on new treatments and therapies.
  • VIP invitations to special events, local Advocacy conferences, Summer Camp Sponsor Days, and other events in your area.
  • Access to your own MDA relationship manager to assist you with questions or obtaining information.
  • Legacy Society certificate.
  • Personalized contact and outreach catered to your interests.
David M.
Deborah N.
Crystal P.
Emily S.

Robert F.
Jean F.
Robert & Shirley F.
Jack H.
Candice M.
Donald & Roslyn N.
Ronald N.
Patricia P.
John & Dana R.
Mary Ann S.
Steve V.
John & Kathleen Z.*

Anna K.

Sanford B
Roy B.
Joan D.*
Wilma D.
Jerry F.
George & Virginia F.*
Daniel H.
Donald H.
Magrit H.*
Edith K.
Jane K.*
Jeff L.
John & Linda M.
Violet P.
Gaines P. , Jr
Darryl R.*
Carol R.
Cheryl S.
Alan S.
Fred S.
Rosemarie W.*
Stan W.*
Stan & Edda W.

Michele B.
Constance C.
Douglas & Susan-Marie F.
Doug F.

Theresa B.
Deborah C.
James F.

Herbert & Cynthia F.
Herb & Davida A.
William & Debra B.
Etta B.*
Susan C.*
Lillian C.*
Dorothy D.*
Lenore E.*
Stephen E.
Harry F.
Patricia G.
Lee & Charlene H
Rose K.
Tiffany K.
Rosealie L.
Harold L.
Claire L.
Rick L.
Judy M.
Mr & Ms. Joseph M.
Sally M.
Anson R.
Patricia R.*
David T.
Connally & Andrea T.
Andrea T.
Paulino & Lucia V.
Mary W.
Margaret W.
Lily Y.

Mr. & Mrs. William B.
Robert C.
Frances D.
Ray & Kelli H.
Robert M.
Emily Ann M.
Dorothy P.
Dana P.
Barbara R.

Julie O.
Roberta P.
Lou & Celia G.*
Carol H.
Lori N.
Patrick & Karen R.
Terry R.
Lucy S.
John S.*
Stephen S.*
David & Roseann V.*
Mark W.

Carl B.
Frayne H.
Janet M.
Erinn W.
Weifeng Y.

Lisa D.
Chris S.
Dorothy W.
Ruse & Jennifer B.
William B.
Mr. & Mrs. Milton L.*

Monica M.
Linda W.

Gayle A.
Billy M.

Thomas & Theresa B.
Lowell G.
Patrick & Karen K.
Herbert & Francis L.
Sharon M.
Ava Lee M.
Joan P.
Jade V.

Laura F.
Joan I.*
William & Mary J.
Mary J.
Anton M.
Richard M.

Ryan B.
Scott B.
Kathy H.
Richard & Beverly H.
Donna K.
Richard M.
Justin N.
Thomas R.
Brian S.
Bill & Linda T.
Wilma T.
Michael T.*

Marvin J.
Marilyn M.

Victor C.*
Monty & Paula F.
Donald & Jan H.
Arthur J.
Sue L.*
Mark M.
David W.

Brittany H.
Marilyn O.

New Hampshire
Robert & Kim B.
Charlene H.
Lee H.*
William M.*

New Jersey
Sharon A.
Albert C.
Barbara E.
Harold F.
John G.
Leonard H.
Carol K.
Ronald M.
Mark & Patricia S.
Jerry T.

New Mexico
Patricia B.
Bill G

Carol B.
James C.
Tammy M.
Shelia W.

New York
Kathleen A.
Charlene A.
Charlotte B.
Paul F.*
Greta F.
Neville & Nathaniel F.
Kellan G.
Judy K.
Barbara K.
Robert & Joan L.
Domenica M.
Sonia S.
David S.
Carol S. & Fred N.
John S.*
Mel & Susan S.
Georgette V.
Howard V. *

North Carolina
Donna E.
Frank G.
Angela G

Melvin A.
Sandra A.
Melanie B.
George C.
Melanie C.
James F.*
Donald & Barbara G.
Anne H.
Jeannie H.
Robert L., Jr.
Janet N.
Sharon S.
Jenny S.
Ronald V

Maryann A.

Nichole A.
Glenda G.
Brandon B.
Rodney L.
Tia M.
Roger T.

Margaret B.
Linda "Scotty" D.
Delbert & Patricia G.
Margaret B.*
Helena C.
Tamre J.
Earl M.
Charles M.
Gilbert P.
Kenneth R.

South Carolina
Sandra B.
Hans & Ann B.
Meg W.
Michael & Eileen H. *
Michael P.
Carole T.

South Dakota
Marvin B.

Sandra F.
Robert L.
Amie M.
Diane S.*

Asha D.
Dolores F.
Satya G.
Camden S.
Rose Mary K.
Ronald M.
Mike & Beverly R.
Richard S.
Sarah S.
Edith T.
Timothy V.
Glenda W.

Samantha C.

David D.
Robert E.
Elsie D.
Carolyn G.
Richard H. *
Rita K.
Leslie L.
Alan W.

Olive B.
Katherine S.
Kimberly C.
Curtis E.
Patricia W.

West Virginia
Joshua M.

Elaine G.
Ronald K.
Debra M.
Josephine N.

Kayla S.
Mary O
* Eternal Legacy Society

Legacy Society Enrollment Form

I have already included Muscular Dystrophy Association in my will or estate plan.

I intend to include Muscular Dystrophy Association when I write my will or create my estate plan.

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